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Dell Diagnostics And Restoration

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Limitations And Error Messages

Some  Limitations

  1.The mouse test will test the left and right buttons but not the wheel (if it is a wheel mouse.)


2.If the customer is running the CD test with an audio CD in the drive, it may fail Diags.


3.If  customer has  a CDR or CDRW and runs the Write test with a data or audio CD in the drive ,it may fail.


4. Diags may also fail if there any attachments at the ports (parallel,serial,etc)



Error Codes


 The Error codes that may  be seen when running Dell diagnostic tests should be used along with any other available information for determining the root cause of any issue.

Some test numbers and names  from the 32Bit Dell diagnostic tests:


DISK 010 tide_diag
DISK 020 tide_read

CACHE 010 tcac_integ1p
CACHE 020 tcac_integ1w




For more details on Errors go to Delltech >Tools by technical  topics >desktop >utilities

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