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Dell Diagnostics And Restoration

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How do we use the Recovery CD?


 Determine Which CD You Have

Prepare the Computer to Use the CD

Use the CD      

Determine Which CD You Have:


1. Each Dell computer, depending on the date of manufacture, is shipped with one of the following disks:


  • Operating System Reinstallation CD
  • Product Recovery CD

Prepare the Computer to Use the CD.

1. Power down the computer.

2. Disconnect all external devices from your system, such as scanners, printers, and cameras.   

 3. Power up and configure your system   to boot to the CD drive. 



  Use the CD:

 Insert the Dell Product Recovery CD into your CD drive and reboot the system.

An Emergency Recovery CD window appears.

 Click the option that you wish to perform. Below is an image of what you will see:

Emergency Recovery CD window

Click on the icon for the function

(Click one of the items above for detailed information)



After you choose the option you wish to use, keep in mind that the drivers for your specific Dell hardware will need to be reinstalled from the RESOURCE CD



There is also an Online Reinstall Guide available to help with reinstallation and system configuration.


"How do I configure my Dell Dimension series system to boot to the CD or DVD drive?"



 Recovery CD information  can also be found at :
 Deltech–- Training and development---New products---Software---2001 Operating system media CD---Pick the Windows Media Version .

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